1891 News


New 'sleeves' fashion

Early in the 1890s, fashion discovers sleeves as a new toy.

Their upper half is puffed, while the lower is tight, or they gradually taper towards the wrist. They've got nice hats too....


1891 Everton Football Club

English Football League Champions: Everton

Runner-up: Preston North End

F.A. CUP Champions: Blackburn Rovers

Runner-up: Nottingham County


Frances Cole Murder

Jack the Ripper last murder - Frances Cole.

13th February: Frances Coles is found dead under the railway arch, Swallow Gardens, Whitechapel.

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James Fargo & Marcellus Berry are proud to introduce their new invention - the American Express Traveller's Cheques.

Herman Hollerith


The U.S. government has saved 5 million dollars for the 1890 census by using Herman Hollerith's new 'punch card' machine. The counting machines were made by the Western Electric Company. Everything was in place by June 1890 and the first data from the census arrived in September of that year. The counting was completed by 12 December 1890, having taken about three months to process instead of the expected time of two years if counting had been done by hand. Canada, Norway and Austria were quick to follow the American example and the machine was used to process their 1891 census. Meanwhile, at home, it's business as usual and it will probably take another 20 years before the system is adopted.


Still 8 years to go before the invention of the paper clip by Johann Vaaler

1891 Greatest Hits

"Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay!" by Henry J.Sayers

"The Pardon Came Too Late" by Paul Dresser

"The Picture That's Turned To The Wall" by Charles Graham

"Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay!" by Henry J. Sayers, as sung by Miss Lottie Collins in "Miss Helyett"

1891 Population Density Map

UK 1891 Population Density

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